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What’s More Meaningful?

“Facebook is changing”

What’s more meaningful?

I am sure that you will have all seen the advert by now “Facebook is changing” promoting their new algorithm which will help you see more of the stuff thats important and more meaningful to you as a user. But what does this mean for the millions of brands and businesses that use the platform to promote their products and services?

Well, “Pages making posts that people generally don’t react to or comment on could see the biggest decrease in distribution. Pages whose posts prompt conversations between friends will see less of an effect” Mark Zuckerberg claimed. So as a business you will now have to create “meaningful” content.

Here’s my top 5 factors that Facebook quantifies as “meaningful”.

  1. Posts with comments – Creating posts that encourage people to comment suggests that this is more meaningful to people viewing it. There is no longer a need for the big social platforms to measure time spent as a popularity factor – instead they measure the quality of time spent. When people take the time to comment on your posts it is now deemed to be a more meaningful interaction and as such your post is more likely to be seen by others. 
  2. Comment replies – One of the biggest changes to the algorithm is conversations. Facebook deems conversation the most important outcome of their recent change. Users replying to other comments will boost your posts. Creating posts that encourage a conversation between people will see your post rise.
  3. Reactions – These have been around a some time now – hovering over the like icon gives you a range of other options such as Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry. Facebook say these are more active emotions and just like normal life – Loving is more important than liking. Posts that encourage a greater emotion rather just a simple like, will see their position boosted.
  4. Posts shared via Messenger – Sharing content on your timeline to someone else is great, but actually taking the time to send something to someone “in the mail” so to speak, suggests its more meaningful. Perhaps you will have noticed an increase in adverts via Messenger? Sending content directly to someone has a positive impact in the algorithm.
  5. Engagement from shares – Of course its great when your content gets shared around, but an important factor is the engagement that the content gets once shared. Simply getting shares isn’t quite good enough anymore. 

So what now?

Of course there are many other factors to consider when trying to use this updated algorithm to help you market your business, which I will address in another article, but for now, I will leave you with this little thought – If Facebook wants us all to have conversations, what better way to create them than in a group of likeminded people? No longer can you expect people to come to your page – perhaps its time you as a business go to them. Creating a group is a great way to encourage “meaningful” engagement with your current and potential clients.

If you are unsure about how any of the changes will effect your marketing efforts on social media, #AskTheWombat for some help. Wombat Business Solutions provide Social Media Management, Web Content & Blogging and can help you navigate the maze of algorithms and minefields of what, when & how to get your message seen.

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