5 Tips To Get Started With Social Media

Like it or not – Social Media is at the heart of our daily lives.

It’s now replaced the newspaper at the breakfast table; the magazine on the train commute and even the back of the shampoo bottle in the bathroom.

With over 2.23 billion active users on Facebook alone any business would be mad to miss out on putting their brand in front of this many potential customers.

So where do you start and how do you reach your potential clients?

Asking Google (or any other search engine) on tips to help will show you about 154 million results in one click. Clearly no-one has the time to read them all so I’ve sourced a few of the best and few of my own too, to get you started.

Her’s our top tips

  1. Pick your platform carefully – Yes theres a lot of people on Facebook, but are you going to reach your potential customers? If you’re selling direct to consumers then perhaps so. If you’re offering professional services then perhaps a more “business” platform like LinkedIn would be more suitable. Spend some time doing some research and target your audience to the right platforms. Also never underestimate the power of 280 characters. Short snippets are a powerful tool to get your message out there, but remember the lifespan of a tweet is only around 15 minutes, so be prepared to invest some time in this.
  2. Ensure you link to your website – If your potential next customer wants to find out more about what you can offer them, make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Make sure your website link is easy to find on your profile and ensure that your website is remains up to date.
  3. People engage with people, not robots, or logos, or machines – Use a real photo, of you or your team. Remember its called Social Media for reason.
  4. Be regular – (No, Im not referring to reading the back of shampoo bottle again.) Post often but be careful not to over do it. As a general rule of thumb, Facebook business pages should have 2 or 3 quality posts per day at optimum times that your potential clients are active. Theres are loads of statistics and analysis guides to help you know when the time is right. Alternatively. try it yourself. Spend some time posting at different times of the day and use the free tools each platform offers to gauge when you had the most interaction.
  5. Make the content relevant – The biggest reason for unfollowing brands is that the content is not interesting or relevant. As a small local business we are all for supporting our fellow local businesses and getting involved with our community. Feel free to repost and retweet other local businesses, charities and community groups, but also keep a healthy balance of relevant content for your followers. Also, don’t over promote your own business. Yes, of course you’re there to promote your services but your promotions also come from the content you have. Remember, its all about the content.

If all this sounds like too much time taken away from you actually doing what you do, then consider outsourcing your Social Media to someone who specialises in it. It’s often not as costly as you might think and for a small initial outlay, you could reap the rewards and see your business boom. For more information on outsourcing, talk to us at Wombat Business Solutions


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